Free Membership Benefits

My Profile

This is simply a samll profile of yourself with your contact address etc. and can be updated whenever required.

Address Book

The address Book is an important feature for keeping email addresses, Birthday dates, Anniversary dates and other important contact information of friends in a smart way. You can export and import the addresses from your email accounts like google or from other documents, as well as add new addresses into your address book manually. Its a handy way for easy access to your friends.

Card History

In these busy times you may many times forget when and to whom you have sent cards recently. Card History will let you see the cards which you have sent, with details like the receiver's name, message, date etc. The information of cards sent by you will be stored for a maximum period of one year.

Calendar Wall Papers

We upload wall paer designs from time to time and you are free to use these whenever you wish for change. We even add monthwise themed wallpaers for you to set on your desktop.


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Free Membership allows 7 Days Trial Period to use Paid Membership Benefits

Paid Membership Benefits

Amount : $10 for a period of six months

All Free Membership Benefits

You get all the benefits that a free user gets like My Profile, Address Book, Card History etc along with the following benefits.

My Account

My account shows the status of your subscription, depicting the amount with which your profile is activated, and the date for having the subscription continued. Along with it, it shows the mode of payment which you have opted for, for the subscription.

My Alert

This is a important feature to help you out in your hectic schedule. With important dates entered by you to be reminded of in advance, you can be sure never to miss sending the your cherished greetings to your loved ones. The alert feature will take care of important dates by reminding you of them through your registered email id, so there is no chance of forgetting.

My Calendar

This diary feature makes scheduling faster and easier by saving and retrieving the events quickly whenever you want. You can manage the dates at your convenience with this. Being instantaneous and fast, you can always have better control of your schedule on the go!

Calendar Creator

A photo of your choice can be uploaded on the calendar and a calender created for you.

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